About this blog

Welcome to Branded Fooding, a blog that pushes my curiosity beyond the plate of food in front of me – and hopefully yours. This blog questions all the facets around food from its production to the selling and of course the most important – the eating.

About Me

My husband (Le Monsieur) once asked me what my family and I talk about the most and without hesitation the answer was food.

Though this shouldn’t be a surprise.

As a BBC (not the British television network but British Born Chinese) like most kids of my generation, I grew up in the catering business.  My first ‘job’ at my parents’ takeaway was watering our bean sprouts followed by a promotion to rice washing.  Our social lives revolved around the dinner table where every week we’d share a hearty meal with friends and family.

As a result I’m one of many people out there who just loves eating and talking about food.

But food isn’t simply what is cooked and put in front of us.

My studies and travels influenced how I view and experience food within different cultures, religions and economies.  Working in marketing and communications made me examine the brands behind the foods I eat.  So it is this curiosity of different cuisines and the food industry that lead me to create this blog. 

Keep in touch with me

I’ve had the priviledge to meet some amazing people through various ways. In fact, it’s thanks to a few I met online  who inspired me to start writing.

Building real friendships and learning from others is something I treasure. Perhaps you’d like to share your culture and cuisine or maybe you’re also passionate about social justice.  Have you come across a great restaurant or maybe a smart marketing campaign?

If so, please get in touch and share the joy:






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